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11. 12. 2015.  - Autor: Julie Falconi


We have met Professor Mica Jovanovic in his home in the prestigious area of Belgrade at “Senjak”. Warm welcome of his beautiful, young wife was completed with a fireplace, where he was sitting and reading some newspapers. We were greeted with a wide smile.


Foto: Prof. dr Mica Jovanovic

- Professor Jovanovic you have continued to work at Megatrend University as professor, but not as University Rector. How do you feel about it?

I was Megatrend University Rector for more than 17 years. However, according to Article 54 of the Higher Education Law this position can be repeated only three times. Each of the mandates can last 3 years. So, I have, almost, doubled my staying at that position. Of course, there was no any legal sanction for this. I had just to leave that position and that was all. Now, I came back to my initial job. I teach the students, as I have been doing for more than 30 years…

- After those false accusations against you in summer 2014, you have said in some interview that you are “leaving Serbia and SPS since you didn’t get any support from Mr. Dacic and Serbian Government…”

Yes, I have said so because I was completely disappointed. You know that I was a member of Socialist Party of Serbia from the very beginning and that – for many years – I have strongly supported it. Even if I proved that all claims of, so called, “young scientists from the U.K.” were 100% lies, no one from SPS supported me. That is why I said so, but I didn’t move to France…

- What happened with your “Carte de sejour”?

I have never had it. For all my life I am only a citizen of my homeland Serbia. And, I am proud of it.

- You have changed the name of your University. What was the reason for that?

After all those lies and many weeks of “media lynch” I decided to “relax” the University of his previous name. After 26 years as “Megatrend University” we changed the name to “John Naisbitt University”… Of course, after written permission of famous scientist and futurologist John Naisbitt. We did it on the 15th of April 2015.

- With a new name do you have some new plans for the University?

Yes, I have. Above all, to work on the total stabilization of the University and after – to transfer most of our activities from on-site studies to online studies.

- Thank you, Professor Jovanovic.


Interviewed by Julie Falconi                                                11th of December 2015.

Izvor: Pressonline


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