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By Professor Jean-Jacques Chanaron

20. 01. 2016.  - Autor: Jean-Jacques Chanaron


For more than 40 years I have been working as an academic researcher and professor in France and all over the World. I started in CNRS in 1981, and joined L’Ecole Superieure de Commerce in Grenoble (Grenoble School of Management) in 1990. For all these years I was lecturing economics and management of innovation and technology in many countries: from France, UK, Norway up to the United States, China, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, India… Also, for more than 26 years, as a visiting professor, at John Naisbitt University (former Megatrend University) in Serbia (former Yugoslavia).


foto:Jean-Jacques Chanaron

      I was one of the international scholars and friends who started to built this University. Together with famous names, such as: Sung-Jo Park (Berlin Free University, Germany), Ulrich Jurgens (WZB Institute, Germany), Rebecca Morales (UCLA, USA), Tetsuo Abo (Tokio University, Japan), Nomura Masami (Okayama University, Japan), Oscar Marchisio (Institut Giano, Italy). In the first years the development of this University was, also, greatly supported by many prominent scientists. Let me mention only a few names: John Naisbitt (USA), Galen Amstutz (Harvard University, USA), Arthur Stockwin (Oxford University, UK) and many others.

     All of us met the founder of this University in 1987 in West Berlin, during the big conference on the World automotive industry. Professor Mića Jovanović participated with a paper on the automobile industry in Yugoslavia, at that time. During informal meetings he informed us that he has an idea to start the first private university in South-East Europe in a couple of years. And, he did it! In automn 1989 he invited all of us to help him to build the University. Without any financial or other help, he started in a small room of his apartment in Belgrade. For many years with him I have been surprised how he was working. He never asked for any financial support from anyone in Serbia. Also, no political support, even if he was born as a leftist. I could witness that many politicians, ministers, state secretaries were studying and graduated from (at that time) Megatrend University, but Professor Jovanović never asked for any help! One can say he got support from Socialistic Party of Serbia (SPS), but – this is not true! Quite on the contrary! His left orientation and a membership in this party, as I know, made him a lot of trouble. In early 1990s many of ministers for education (coming from SPS) obstructed him and the development of the University, as well. But, he was strong enough to overcome all the problems. So, he has built the University with his ten fingers of his two hands and the full support of his international academic friends!

Why I think that John Naisbitt University is one of the best private universities in Europe?

First of all, this University has an excellent team of professors, who are able to transfer their knowledge and experience to the students.

Secondly, they write very good textbooks of which some have been translated into English, Italian and some other languages and these textbooks are being used at some European universities, as well. They also carry out research of international level in their respective discipline.

Thirdly, John Naisbitt University has, from the very beginning, an excellent network of international cooperation which resulted in the recognition of its diplomas all over the World.

Finally, all campus buildings of this University are outstanding: new and modern architecture, built to meet all the needs and requirements of the students with up-to-date high-tech equipments.

     For my almost 27 years with this University I realized that the biggest value of it are its students. The Alumni Club of John Naisbitt counts more than 15,000 graduated students who are (and were) at top positions in Serbian (Yugoslavian) Government, largest corporations in Serbia and abroad. Also, a number of famous sportsmen, journalists, artists… During more than 26 years of tradition of this University it was a must to graduate from John Naisbitt University to get a job in the Government or some huge public company.

     At the end, I would like to point out that – for all these years – I experienced very well educated students, at all levels. Common, not famous students, but creative, inventive, industrious… Almost 90% of them can fluently speak English, which made our communication easy and pleasant, for all these years. And they all show an endless appetite for learning and acquiring new knowledge!


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